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Mobile Marketing Plus


Ntegrity Marketing Solutions provides solutions to help augment every marketing initiative your company is running.  From Loyalty programs to NEW Customer acquistions strategies, we have solutions that can help improve your ROI.  Integrating mobile marketing into broadcast media such as Radio, print, outdoor, flyers, or even event marketing will help you build databases of customers you can remarket to with text and drive new transactions.  Capturing current clients into databases will provide the ability to market to them over the course of a year and drive additional transactions creating top-line revenue increases.  See more about our various solutions below;
Mobile Coupons

One of the quickest growing forms of mobile marketing is SMS or Text-message coupons. Our company can show your brand how to build huge databases of your current and potential customers that ask to receive your mobile coupons. When these databases are built, your business can deliver instant coupons right to your customers’ phones at exactly the moment you want them to get them.


Appointment Reminders

Many Salons, Veterinary Clinics, Doctor Offices, and more are turning towards text-message reminder notifications of appointments vs. the old methods of post cards or phone calls. The three main advantages;

•Environmentally Friendly

•Cost Savings

•Higher read-rates

Virtual Business Cards

A Virtual Business Card (vCard) is a unique and engaging way to network you to your prospects and customers. Most business cards get tossed in the trash or lost never to be found again. Don’t let your information get thrown out ever again with the new virtual business cards.


Mobile Website/Apps

Building a site that looks great, is easy to navigate, and helps you deliver more transactions is paramount to the success of your organization. Want a smartphone app that you can login and change your specials daily? Want your icon on the screen of your customers today? Call us and find out how we can get this going for you for thousands of dollars less than expected. 


Real Estate

Mobile Gathers databases for future marketing & Lead Generates New Business.

Realtors can use the power of mobile marketing to increase sales and profits through the use of mobile websites and text message marketing.


Platform Features

Creates Multiple Interactive Touch Points with Consumers An effective mobile strategy does not work independently in a vacuum. Rather, its power lies in its ability to turn any traditional advertising medium into an interactive engagement piece. By using the mobile channel to make almost anything virtually “clickable,” you extend its reach, its information richness, and its measurability.


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